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Environmental Technical Document Services: Expert Analysis & Review

In today's competitive landscape, staying ahead requires more than just data – it demands precision and expertise in environmental data review. Our environmental technical document offer a comprehensive solution for regulatory agencies and private entities alike, seeking to address the complexities of energy, environmental, and corporate fraud cases. 

We deliver tailored analyses and reports that provide actionable insights to drive meaningful change. Trust in our commitment to excellence and compliance as we guide you through the intricacies of environmental regulations and corporate governance. Elevate your approach and unlock success with our specialized environmental technical document.


I bring a unique perspective to any project because I have worked on all sides of environmental cases: Department of Defense (compliance with federal, state and local regulations), State (enforcement), Contractor for individual clients (compliance), consultant to reinsurance companies. As a Petroleum Engineer, I have an excellent understanding of organic chemistry, hydraulics, how oil, gas and chemicals move through the ground, and how they can be extracted. My career began in a refinery, where I became familiar with refining processes. I was also responsible for environmental compliance.


From combined experience at a refinery, a chemical plant and the California Energy Commission I became skilled at understanding underlying principles of energy supply, demand and pricing for oil gas and chemicals. I can read engineering plans and diagrams, interpret chemical data, reconstruct incidents from recorded process and instrumentation data, and can develop lines of questioning that will draw the desired responses from technical deponents. On several occasions I also investigated regulatory fraud, i.e. cases where regulations were manipulated and/or used to gain an unintended advantage to the loss of the general public or rate payers.

In conjunction with a multi-faceted environmental insurance defense case, I spent 5 years researching historical archives throughout California to develop a documented record of the history of water supply, contamination, spills and regulation from 1890 to 1990. As a result, I am very knowledgeable about historical water laws and regulations as they were applied to real world situations. As a general contractor in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, I worked for clients, including the State of California, to remove underground storage tanks, characterize groundwater contamination, install monitoring wells and clean up hazardous waste sites. As Deputy Director of the Department of Toxic Substances Control, I oversaw cleanup of all state superfund sites and negotiated the multi-agency coordinated effort resulting in the publication of guidance for site assessments, site characterization and site mitigation.

Don't leave your environmental data review to chance. Contact Margaret C. Felts today to learn more about our comprehensive Environmental Data Review services and how we can help you achieve your goals.


Technical Research

Technical Document & Data Review

Litigation Strategy

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Discovery and Expert Witness Testimony

Client History

Law Firms representing Lloyds of London Insurance Companies Insurance Defense
- Aerojet Ground Water Contamination
- Lockheed Soil & Groundwater Contamination
- Raytheon Ground Water Contamination
- Lodi Ground Water Contamination

CA Public Utilities Commission CPSD / Safety & Enforcement
- San Bruno Gas Pipe Failure Investigation
- California Energy Crisis / Enron Investigation

CA Public Utilities Commission, DRA 
- Pacific Offshore Pipeline Company (POPCO) Gas Treatment Plant Startup Failure
- Mohave Power Station Steam Pipe Failure
- Montebello Underground Gas Storage Integrity
- Playa Del Rey Underground Gas Storage Integrity
- Helms Power Plant Startup Failure

- Pacific Offshore Pipeline Company (POPCO) Gas Rate

Turner, Huguet, Brans & Adams
- Chevron Pipeline Leak

State of Nevada Attorney General's Office
-  Mohave Power Station Steam Pipe Failure

Nova Group, Inc.
- Fueling Pipeline Systems - environmental consulting
- Facility Site environmental review

Dames & Moore
- Impact on Electricity Consumption of Louisiana Refinery Modifications

(Additional client history may be requested with CV)

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